In terms of the economy, we are now even below Nepal

UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe says that the current economic crisis was not caused by the corona epidemic and that it began in November 2019. The UNP leader emphasizes that the failure of the rulers cannot be covered up under the guise of the corona epidemic.

 Wickremesinghe points out that if the economic program implemented by the Yahapalanaya government had been implemented after 2019, such an unfortunate situation would not have arisen. He says that the present government is fully responsible for this situation.

The UNP leader also states that if the economy collapses further, the payment of pensions of public servants will also go into crisis in the future.

Wickremesinghe says that many countries in the world have been affected only by the crisis caused by the corona epidemic and the rulers have been able to manage it as well. However, he points out that a severe situation has arisen in Sri Lanka due to the crisis created by the government and the crisis caused by corona.

He says that at present Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves are less than that of Nepal.

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