TNA trying to unite Tamil political factions for benefit of people – MP Sritharan

By Dinasena Ratugamage

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was trying to unite various actors in Tamil politics to benefit all Tamil people, TNA MP S. Sritharan said on 29 September in a press statement. “The TNA will ensure that the aspirations and the rights of Tamil people are won,” he said.

The MP said that Tamil people had been badly affected by the protracted war. Although 12 years had passed since the end of the war, the government had not done enough to help people rebuild their lives.

“Many international organisations have given money to rebuild the North. We don’t know what has happened to this money. People are still suffering,” he said.

Sritharan said that everyone must come together to make a positive change for the Tamil people. He also commended members of the Tamil diaspora who were trying to unite various Tamil political parties.

“I urge everyone concerned about the Tamil people to work together,” the MP said.

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