We will implement Vision for Prosperity. Those who agree may stay, others may leave : SLPP responds to Dayasiri

Ruling Party (SLPP) Secretary General Sagara Kariyawasam responding to reporters yesterday (03) said that they will implement the Vision for Prosperity policy manifesto in line with the promise made to the public in obtaining the madate for the current government.

Those who agree with it will remain with the government and should anyone desagree, they may leave, he added.

Q: Now if you want to move forward, you have to go as a team. But we saw in a newspaper today that Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said they will be going as an alliance.

“This government was formed for the people of this country. At the time it was formed we made a promise to them. That promise was a written promise in the Vision for Prosperity. We will act in accordance with the Vision for Prosperity manifesto. There will be people on that journey who agree with us in doing that. Should someone disagree, they may leave,” he said.

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