Egyptian Envoy in Colombo bids farewell

The outgoing Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt Hussein Abdelhamid El Saharty paid a farewell call on Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris at the Foreign Ministry, on 01 October 2021.

Acknowledging the contributions of Ambassador Saharty during his tenure, Minister Peiris recalled with a sense of appreciation the role played by Egypt in the Non-Aligned Movement where Sri Lanka was also an active member and acknowledged the relevance of the values of the NAM in today’s world.

Taking stock of the bilateral engagements, the Minister highlighted the need for strengthening cooperation in the spheres of Tourism and Trade, given the expertise of both countries in these fields and the fact that Ceylon Tea enjoys a prominent place among tea lovers of Egypt. The Ambassador noted that following the bilateral consultations held last year the volume of Ceylon Tea imported into Egypt has increased and assured that ways and means will be explored to improve bilateral trade in other areas of interest too.

Minister Peiris expressed his deep appreciation to the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt for their statement on the Oral Update by the High Commissioner for Human Rights during the General Debate where Egypt commended the efforts being made by the Government for the promotion and protection of human rights in Sri Lanka. The Ambassador, sharing Egypt’s own experience in combating terrorism and extremism, underlined the importance of working together as likeminded nations towards safeguarding national interests

The Minister added that the continuation of the functions of the Office of Missing Persons, Office of Reparation and the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation sanctioned by the new Government is reflective of the consistency the Government wishes to maintain towards addressing issues and reaching out to people as well as bringing in reconciliation and transitional justice, and that these genuine efforts should not be allowed to be aborted by selective application of human rights as a pretext for intervention in the internal affairs of states.

The Minister congratulated and extended his best wishes to Ambassador Saharty who is due to assume duties in the Foreign Ministry in Cairo as the Deputy Assistant Minister of Non-Governmental Organizations.

Foreign Ministry
05 October, 2021

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