Provincial Council Polls cannot be held via Old Electoral System: AG

The Attorney General has informed the Parliament Special Working Committee on Electoral Laws and Reforms that the Provincial Council Election cannot be held via the old electoral system, in what he justified as the passing of a new bill being the only option.

Accordingly, the holding of the Provincial Council Election will require a new law. This has been informed to the members of the Working Committee by the Committee Chairman Dinesh Gunawardena.

The Provincial Council Election has almost been erased from being held throughout the years and the Provincial Councils are being governed under the direct intervention of the Governors. The holding of an election, therefore, should require a new electoral system, Minister Gunawardena commented.

Attempts were made to introduce a mixed electoral system consisting of single and proportional representation during the Good Governance regime, but no such implementation was carried out. The old system – the Proportional System – has too been scrapped from the scene.

The AG viewed that the Provincial Council Election cannot be held by any means without the passing of a new electoral system in Parliament.


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