MP Buddhika Pathirana warns of scandal involving liquor licences

SJB MP Buddhika Pathiarana speaking to a briefing held by the Party’s “Dooshana Virodhee Balawegaya” (Anti-Corruption Force) yesterday (10) revealed that the government is preparing to issue a number of liquor licences for the supermarket chain in Sri Lanka at a hidden transaction of Rs. 70 million each.

“At this moment, attempts are being made to issue more liquor licences to the supermarket chain. Negotiations are underway to set up at least five new liquor stores in one electorate,” the MP alleged.

He added: “These licences go for a bid of Rs. 70 million per each at a hidden transaction. Rs. 10 million for the government’s electoral organiser, in some places the MP, the former Provincial Council member, the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman, or an organiser of the Ruling Party who holds neither. Another portion of Rs. 10 million goes to appeasing the opposing forces and the officers who are assisting them in doing so. The rest of the Rs. 50 million, to the fund for their future election affairs.”


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