GMOA unveils concept paper to enable graduation of medical students at the age of 22

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) yesterday unveiled the concept paper “MBBS BY 22 YEARS,” a proposal to enable medical students to graduate when they turn 22.

During the last five decades there have been a gradual extension of the age of graduation of medical students, from 22 years up to 25-27 years. The delay was unacceptable, it said.

“This is a result of many complex challenges endured by the education system since Independence, including youth unrests, political turmoil, terrorism, and poor economic growth. This preventable delay has led to adverse consequences at personal, economic, academic, professional, and social spheres. As a result, the country has suffered in many aspects including an incalculable economic loss,” the concept paper said.

GMOA Secretary, Dr. Senal Fernando said that the proposal aimed to introduce a strategic plan to reduce the age of graduation back to 22 years.

“We hope that this proposal will benefit not only the students awaiting university entrance and undergraduates, but also the entire country and will create many opportunities in Sri Lanka and internationally,” he said.

The document was available in all three official languages for the public to read and comment on, Dr. Fernando said. (RK)

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