Leader of the Opposition meets Cinnamon Farmers in Meetiyagoda ) to discuss their problems

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa said that although Ministers and Members of Parliament in the air-conditioned Parliament are boasting that everything including fertilizer requirement of farmers have been fulfilled, it is completely false on the ground and farmers are sighing without fertilizer required for them.

Leader of the Opposition said that the world shown in Parliament is not visible in the farmland and that people will definitely teach lessons against this deception.

Leader of the Opposition also said that Sri Lanka, which was reputed as the best cinnamon producer in the world, is now under grave threats due to arbitrary actions on the part of the government and that farmers are unable to reap an adequate harvest from cinnamon cultivation due to the absence of essential fertilizers.

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa met Cinnamon Farmers in Meetiyagoda, Ambalangoda today (14) to discuss problems they are facing in another round of ‘Govi Hadagasma’ program.

Cinnamon growers revealed that Sri Lanka, which has a reputation as one of the world’s leading suppliers of cinnamon and a supplier of quality cinnamon, is now in a difficult situation.
They said that they are facing so many difficulties due to policy of the government to ban fertilizers.

Former Minister Gayantha Karunatilleka, former Members of Parliament Bandula Lal Bandarigoda, Wijayapala Hettiarachchi and many other people’s representatives as well as many cinnamon farmers in the area were present at this instance.

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