Farmers to swarm across Colombo in thousands demanding solutions to fertiliser crisis?

Tens of thousands of farmers will come to Colombo should the government fail to provide solutions to the ongoing fertiliser crisis, warned Namal Karunaratna, Convener of the All Ceylon Agrarian Federation, speaking to media today (18).

Contradictory to the pledge of adapting organic farming, the government has made a mistake by importing chemical fertiliser in the guise of organic feritliser, Karunaratna alleged, adding that the government should admit its mistake and reverse the decision.

“The lake is full. There is water, so are farmers and the paddy fields. The fields are left to be empty; something that has never happened in history. If the Mahasen King had lived now, they would have impaled these rulers; beheaded. It has been a month and two days since the Maha Season. There is no fertiliser for the farmer. The government is importing 17,892 metric tonnes of fertiliser at a cost of US$08.56 million. We say very responsibly that these stocks of fertiliser, which the government calls organic fertiliser, are not organic, but MOP. Why do they import chemical fertiliser in the guise of organic fertiliser? Why Bundy Manure is given? If the truth was told, the farmers would have never protested. Therefore, please admit the mistake. The government has messed it up. It is true. Accept yourself, self-criticise and reverse the decision. We warn the government not make it into a situation in which tens of thousands of farmers will be swarming across Colombo,” he said.


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