Hamburg’s 2. Bundesliga match with Fortuna Dusseldorf overshadowed by allegations of racist abuse | Football News

Fans in Germany racially abused football players and threw objects during a game between Hamburg SV and Fortuna Dusseldorf, both clubs and a player confirmed on Sunday.

Hamburg said players from both teams were racially abused when the club drew 1-1 with Fortuna Dusseldorf in the second division on Saturday. The club didn’t specify how many players were affected.

Khaled Narey, who is Black and played for Hamburg before joining Fortuna, said on Instagram on Sunday that some fans “racially abused me during the game and threw beer at me”.

Both clubs condemned the racist abuse and Hamburg said it was investigating.

AP - Fortuna Dusseldorf's Khaley Narey (left) has alleged he was racially abused
Fortuna Dusseldorf’s Khaled Narey (left) has alleged he was racially abused

“We have received several messages that players of both teams were allegedly racially insulted during yesterday’s home duel against Düsseldorf,” Hamburg said in a Twitter post.

“As much as we were happy about the return of many fans and the great atmosphere in the Volksparkstadion, we are disappointed and angry about such unacceptable incidents.

“HSV stands for diversity. Racism has no place either in the Volksparkstadion, or in our society.

“We stand with the players who were affected and we will do everything possible to investigate the incidents and to implement punishment.”

“Racism cannot be tolerated at any time and in any place,” Fortuna said. “We hope that HSV manages to clear up these incidents as quickly as possible.”

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