Eastern Troops Take to Planting of ‘Kumbuk’ Saplings (PHOTOS)

To be in line with the island-wide campaign to plant 10,000 ‘Kumbuk’ saplings on account of the 72nd Army Anniversary, East-based troops of the Security Force Headquarters – East on Sunday (10) planted 1600 ‘Kumbuk’ saplings inside the SFHQ-E compound on the instructions of Major General Channa Weerasuriya, Commander, Security Forces – East.   
On a directive given by the Commander of the Army to this effect, all Army formations across the country were instructed to plant ‘Kumbuk’ saplings inside their camps as an alternative solution to improve water retention ability.
Accordingly, the ‘Kumbuk’ planting in the Eastern region got underway under the close supervision of the Commander Security Forces East – Major General Channa Weerasuriya and with the participation of the Commanders, Officers and Other Rankers of respective establishments. The planted saplings will be closely looked after till they grow taller until they adjust themselves to prevailing hard climatic conditions in the region.

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