Coal power: Why is world so unkind?

It is reported that China, the world’s second largest economy, is facing an energy crisis and this is due to China reducing its carbon emission in keeping with the ‘Paris Accord’. India faces the same situation. So are Japan, South Korea, and Bangladesh, to name a few.

It is said that China is desperately asking Australia to supply coal, the price of which has escalated. This means a reduction in production to limit supplies and also the price hike which people will have to bear, not to mention the inconvenience caused to the public.

The reason for this scandalous situation is the western powers have singled out coal as a pollutant emitting carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The question is whether the emission of carbon dioxide could be matched with the production of Oxygen. If that is the scientific explanation, why not plant trees to counter the emission of carbon dioxide.

Dr. Ranil Senanayake has pointed out in one of his articles published in The Island that about 15 billion trees are felled every year and the world’s forest cover is dwindling at an alarming rate. At the same time, take action to limit the population growth, educate the masses and if necessary, pass laws to limit families to one or two children. Also expedite research to turn dirty coal to clean coal, which China is striving to achieve.

In the face of this disastrous situation, China has undertaken the construction of new major coal-fired power plants with a capacity of 6 Gw, and so have other counties, India, South Korea, Japan, Bangladesh.

In conclusion, has the United Nations Environment Programme taken the right decision to meet environmental pollution by decrying coal power generation?

G. A. D. Sirimal


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