Stalin reveals ‘Communist Collure’s’ history of political betrayals (VIDEO)

The Joint Trade Union Alliance for Teachers and Principals responded to North-Western Province Governor Raja Collure’s open threat on slashing the paychecks of teachers and principals, saying that Collure holds rather a notorious history of political affairs.

Speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (20) Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin said Collure is a man who had betrayed the meaning of Socialism in his role as the Chairman of the Communist Party. He also alleged that Collure’s comments reflect the voice of the government.

Collure is not the Chairman of a Communist Party, but the Chairman of a ‘Nominist’ Party, Stalin said, mocking the North-Western Province Governor’s past political betrayals and self-proclamation of being a communist politician in a standalone party that had no vote base.

“He is saying that the two-day salary will be slashed should the strike action continue. He in addition is claiming that the November’s salary will also be halted. But what is the most serious comment above others? He says that we will not be allowed to report for duty on the 25th. Raja Collure, remember who you are. The Chairman of the ‘Nominist Party’ will see what the outcome would be, if he does not allow any teacher to report for duty on the 25th. Who are these people? Are they trying to intimidate the teachers? We are not afraid of such talks,” Stalin said.


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