Opposition Leader condemns government’s notorious move on importing nano-nitrogen fertiliser

The government has hastily imported nano-nitrogen fertiliser paving the way for a serious fraud to occur and the process has neither followed a diplomatic basis nor a proper procurement mechanism, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, following his visit to Bandagiriya, Tissamaharama today (23) to meet the farming community as part of the ‘Govi Hadagesma’ initiative undertaken by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) to address the hassles faced by the farming community living in Sri Lanka.

The importation of nano-nitrogen liquid fertiliser invested on a company that has appeared out of nowhere, thereby defrauding Rs. 290 million belonging to the innocent people of the country, Premadasa emphasised.

Pointing out that the government has violated the mandate given to them, the Opposition Leader urged that an immediate and transparent probe be made into the fertiliser scam. In the backdrop, government ministers themselves are raising opinions against the government, he revealed.

During his visit, the Opposition Leader learned of the struggles faced by the milk farmers of the area.

The Opposition Leader added that the protests happening throughout the country are not influenced by any political incitement, but are out of the people’s anger.

The residents of the area were accompanied by Provincial Council Member Thennakoon Nilame and other public representatives of the SJB.

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