PHIs warn of Delta Plus wave

There is no guarantee that the outbreak of the Delta Plus Covid variant, which is currently prevalent in many countries, will not enter Sri Lanka and there is no satisfactory situation regarding the health practices of the public, said Upul Rohana, President of the Public Health Inspectors Association of Sri Lanka, speaking to media.

Despite the lower figures on the number of deaths, the Delta Plus variant is spreading rapidly in many parts of the world, Rohana revealed, warning that Sri Lanka may be driven back to disaster, should the outbreak enter the country.

“There is no guarantee that it will not breach Sri Lanka. This variant can enter Sri Lanka at any time, especially through our airport behaviour, incoming sailors and the fishing community. Right now, adherence to health directives is at a very low level; a very regrettable level. Over the past weekend, we have seen that those in power have gone out and spent their vacations in various places in violation of the health directives. We can see that only the ordinary and innocent stayed at home. Therefore, the consequences of violating the health directives in this long weekend will be due in the next two or three weeks,” Rohana said.


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