SJB MP Ashok Abeysinghe says that the majority in the current government are thieves!

Samagi Jana Balawega MP Ashok Abeysinghe says that the majority in the current Rajapaksa government are thieves.

“In those days the price of fuel in the world market was very low. They were to provide fuel at very low prices like $5 or $10 and sometimes for free of charge. They said they would set up a price stabilization fund of 20 billion or so. What happened, in the end was that there was no money or no reduction in fuel prices.

Can you remember they said that what is the use of a government if the prices are going up when the world prices are going up? Gammanpila said it himself. This is all a lie. Thieves must be eliminated to build this country. This country cannot be built until we get rid of them.

I responsibly say the majority of the Rajapaksa government are thieves! They had embezzled 300 crores from the nano nitrogen project recently. They embezzled from sugar and from rice too. Now they are importing 100,000 metric tons of rice. We need 6500 metric tons per day. This amount which is imported will be enough for 15 days. Are they organic? They are so compassionate about our kidneys.” 

Ashok Abeysinghe stated this addressing a media briefing held at the office of the Leader of the Opposition yesterday (22).

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