Collure, who threatened to slash teachers’ salaries, loses Party Chairmanship

North-Western Province Governor Rajah Collure has been removed from the post of Chairman of the Communist Party, following the threatening he posed against school teachers and principals on slashing their salaries.

The decision was taken at the Party’s Central Committee meeting held today (24).

Collure on a recent occasion stated that he will be slashing the salaries of the teachers and principals of the schools in the North-Western Province in his capacity as the Governor if they endorsed the teacher-principal struggle undertaken by the Teacher-Principal Trade Union Alliance and did not report for duty.

Collure’s comments immediately met backlash as many activists pointed out that it is not suitable for the chairman of a political party that is committed to ensuring the rights of the working-class people to make such a comment against school teachers.  

The Party Central Committee, accordingly, concluded that Collure is no longer suitable to Chair the Party and dismissed him from his position. His party membership, on the other, will remain, according to reports.


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