Police officer accused of assaulting two youths in Eravur suspended

Investigations into the incident in Eravur, Batticaloa where a traffic police officer allegedly assaulted two youths yesterday (23) have been intensified, said Public Security Minister Sarath Weeraseakra.

Weerasekara also urged the public not to incite any racist picture to the incident.

A video surfaced on the internet revealed a traffic police officer assault two youths on a motorbike, who were accused of defying police orders.

The officer and his partner were in the process of taking some measurements on the road after an accident and all vehicles had stopped to allow the officers to carry out their duty, the Police Spokesman said.

The two youths featured in the video had attempted to cross the accident scene prompting one of the officers to chase them and follow an extreme measure of physically assaulting them.

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