The truth about China’s waste fertiliser revealed (VIDEO)

Despite the warnings to stop the importation of China-made waste fertiliser under the Plant Quarantine Act, attempts are being made to import such fertiliser stocks to Sri Lanka and any usage of these fertiliser stocks could be resulting in the spread of invasive plants and animals throughout the country, revealed Environmentalist Dr. Ravindra Kariyawasam, speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (26).

Reminding that early attempts of this nature had ended up in the invasion of such plants and animals, Dr. Kariyawasam pointed out that this has severely damaged the biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

Given attention on the adverse effects to the environment, advice had been given not to import the fertiliser stocks in question, but the arbitrary processes followed are attempting to import them anyway, he noted.

He added that there are local fertiliser producers whose production can be met with the demanded volume of fertiliser in the country, emphasising that the mounds of garbage piled up throughout the land stand for it.

The country, nevertheless, is facing a serious environmental crisis due to the actions, he noted.


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