Demonstration at Welikada Prison incurred Rs. 10 million loss (VIDEO)

The recent protest staged by a group of inmates at Welikada Prison by climbing up on the roof of the Chapel Unit incurred a loss of Rs. 10 million due to property damage, revealed Prison Spokesman and Prison Commissioner Chandana Ekanayake, adding that legal actions will be taken in this regard under the Public Property Act.

These inmates, about 54 total, had been staging demonstration for a month and eight days demanding a common pardon system for those who are spending a very long prison sentence.

Despite such a system being formulated the inmates staged demonstration for more than a month, Ekanayake said. The Borella Police has also commenced an investigation into the incident in addition to the disciplinary inquiry carried out by the Prison, he added.

The inmates demonstrating up on the roof were taken down at the intervention of prison officers last (27) night and no one was hurt on the way, the Spokesman added.

The situation, nevertheless, has now been calmed down and necessary provisions are being made to transfer these inmates to Bossa Prison. 


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