Farmers in Polonnaruwa stage fast demanding fertiliser

Farmers in Bakamuna, Polonnaruwa area have launched a fast resistance action demanding the distribution of fertiliser for agricultural operations. The fast action is running for the 5th day today (28) and black flags have been hoisted all over the Bakamuna Town in support of the resistance action.

The fast action has been endorsed by many religious leaders, political parties and civil movements. The Buddhist monks who visited the farmers spending the fast action told media that the ban of chemical fertiliser was a stupid decision taken by the government.

The supply of water for agricultural operations has been enabled in the Elahera Farming Colony, but the farmers living in the area are of the strong view that no agricultural operation will be carried out until fertiliser is supplied. The agricultural operations will commence if a promise can be made that fertiliser will be provided by January next year, they added.

The Elahera Farmers Rights Protection Movement stated that while the farming community is protesting and staging fast demanding fertiliser, racketeers are filling up their pockets via fertiliser importation. The government’s sudden pity towards the farmers is false, they alleged, pointing out that the entire Sri Lanka will become a land like Somalia or Ethiopia by April-May next year.

The farmers, therefore, emphasised that the government must be providing fertiliser to end the crisis.


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