Trade Unions in Health Sector to launch another strike action

The Federation of Health Professions is prepared to stage a one-day strike action on November 09 due to the unresolved issues faced by the Health Sector. This was disclosed to the public by the members of the Federation, speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (28).

The health trade unions will cease the strike action if their problems are resolved within that period, Upul Rohana, Chairman of the Public Health Inspectors Association of Sri Lanka, who joined the briefing, said.

The Federation pointed out that they were compelled to take this trade union action in the event that ministers, who were informed of their struggles via a number of different trade union actions in the recent past, had not intervened in resolving anything.

Despite the strike action on the 09th, maximum efforts will be put in preventing the disruption of services against the Covid-19 pandemic, they went on, emphasising that essential services, including maternity and infant care, will not be disrupted.

The trade union action will be endorsed by abour fifteen trade unions responding to the Health Sector, Saman Ratnapriya, Chairman of the Government Nurses Association said. 

Chairman of the Health Professionals’ Association Ravi Kumudesh was also present in the briefing.


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