Construction company shares appreciate

By Hiran H. Senewiratne

CSE trading got off to a volatile start due to profit- takings yesterday. At the beginning, the market was volatile but became positive at the middle of the session. During the latter part of the day, the market became negative, stock market analysts said.

During the day there was a slight appreciation in construction sector company shares, such as Access engineering. Its shares appreciated by 7 percent or Rs1.70. Its shares shot up to Rs 26.10 from RS 24.40. During the day both indices showed a downward trend; the all share price index went down by 9.05 points S and P SL 20 went down by 6.14 points. Yesterday, turnover touched RS 4.2 billion with four crossing.

Those crossings were reported in Guardian Capital Partners, which crossed 21.7 million shares to the tune of RS 700 million and its shares traded at Rs 33.30, Commercial bank two million shares crossed for RS 176 million and its shares traded at Rs 88, Hayleys 300000 shares crossed for Rs 31.9 million, its shares traded at Rs 106.50 and Access Engineering one million shares crossed for RS 25 million, its shares fetched Rs 25.

In the retail market, top five contributors were, Expo Lanka RS 883 million, Brown Investments RS 153 million, Swisstek Rs 162 million, Access Engineering Rs 155 million and Royal Ceramic Rs.82 million. During the day 142 million share volumes change hand in 33000 transactions. Yesterday, the US dollar exchange rate was Rs. 201.54.

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