Boosting tourist arrivals

Tourism is an important aspect of our ecomomy; hence all tourists, irrespective of vavccinated, or not, should be permitted to arrive in Sri Lanka, if the PCR tests are negative. Fully vacinated or non-vaccinated will be carriers of this pandamic. No one can guarantee that fully vaccinated will not be carriers. The virous will be embedded in their luggages, camaras, currency, etc;. Therefore, if the tourists or foreigners arriving in Sri Lanka show negative PCR results, they should be permitted to travel inland. In Sri Lanka only 60% of the population is vaccinated. Even in many western countries, people are not in favour of being vaccinated due to their contention of getting some kind of after effects during their lifespan. If we place adhoc restrictions on foreign arrivals, Sri Lanka will be depriving the opportunity of the inflow of foreign courrency to the country, which we need very badly at this moment.

Karalasingam Sivalingam


Thank you

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