Our government is more corrupt than Ranil’s government

Udaya Gammanpila, Minister of Energy accepts with evidence that the present government of the SLPP is the most corrupt government ever formed in the history of Sri Lanka.

“The agreement signed with New Fortress Energy of the United States gives the company the right to supply gas permanently to the entire gas power plant system to be built there, including the two power plants. In 2019 these people are proposing that they will give the floating ship, they will build the gas pipeline and they will do the work of supplying gas to the power plants through it. However, Minister Dallas and I discussed in February 2021 that if the right of power supply is given to one country another country will get mad at our country, so we submitted the tender to the CEB in February. However, New Fortress Energy company, which has been talking about this project in Sri Lanka since November 2019, did not participate in the tender 15 months later. Why? Someone told them and promised them that even though they do not appear at the tender that they will receive it anyway. Someone has promised that they will give the company this tender. This is the promise that is being fulfilled.

For the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, a tendered project was awarded to a company that did not participate in the tender while the tender was being evaluated. It is sad to say that this did not happen during the JR era, the Premadasa era, the Chandrika era, or the Ranil era, which we used to brand as corrupt. “

Udaya Gammanpila stated this addressing a meeting named ‘Mahajana Manthrana Sabhawa’ held yesterday (29).

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