Sysco LABS supports innovation and growth for global foodservice leader Sysco

Sysco LABS Sri Lanka, the innovation arm of Sysco Corporation, continues to play a pivotal role in delivering innovative technology solutions and contributing to the growth and success of the global foodservice leader. Sysco, ranked 60th on the Fortune 500 list in June 2021, is well-positioned to deliver on its Recipe for Growth strategy launched earlier this year.

Sysco LABS builds innovative solutions to support Sysco’s journey in transforming the foodservice industry, focusing on developing technology in areas such as e-Commerce, Supply Chain and Merchandising, Infrastructure Design & Delivery, Corporate Technology, International Operations, Commercial Technology and Customer Experience.

Sysco LABS is recognized as being consistently at the forefront of technological innovation. Undaunted by the challenges posed by the pandemic and in line with Sysco’s growth outlook, Sysco LABS continues to attract and retain top-tier talent who are empowered to showcase Sri Lankan skills on a global scale.

Shanil Fernando, Managing Director – Sri Lanka, and Senior VP Engineering – Sysco LABS said, “The foodservice journey is complex and requires cutting-edge technology at every touch point. As Sysco continues to define the future of foodservice, we at Sysco LABS are proud to be a key enabler to ensure a best-in-class digital experience for Sysco’s customers who fuel the company’s financial success.”

Affirming confidence in the capabilities of the Sysco LABS team in Sri Lanka, the company recently launched a state-of-the-art global technology operations center offering 24×7 support to Sysco associates around the world.

While supporting Sysco to accelerate its global leadership position, Sysco LABS has also become a prime contributor to the country’s export revenue as well as the nation’s ambition to become a pioneering hub for technology.

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