Inter-provincial buses to commence operations from tomorrow (VIDEO)

Gemunu Wijeratne, President of the Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association said that the inter-provincial buses will commence operations from tomorrow (01) and there will be no increase in bus fares as there has been no increase in fuel prices. He said that passengers are being transported to the number of seats as per health instructions.

He was speaking to the media today (31).

Accordingly, passengers will be able to travel without any inconvenience from tomorrow, he said.

However, he said he hoped the government would provide relief to the private bus industry in the future.

Wijeratne said that due to the problem of the employees in the bus industry, a decision has been taken to run the buses without conductors and it will take another year to recover as the private bus industry has already come to a standstill.

Therefore, he stated that the they are requesting a leasing facility for the coming year as well.

He further said that the concept of essential services will be removed from tomorrow and the public will be able to travel in buses as usual.

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