“We have a right to know why people were killed for no reason,” Cardinal demands answers over Easter Massacre

Archbishop of Colombo His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith speaking to a ceremony held in St. Sebastian Church, Katuwapitiya yesterday (30) demanded what he described as the ‘true story’ behind the Easter Sunday Massacre.

He pointed out that they have no intention of holding a grudge against the rulers of the country.

“Everyday we asked for one thing. We have to know why people were killed for no reason. That is our right; not a present given to us. Therefore, we urge the rulers of this country again, please reveal the full story behind the Easter Attack. We would like to remind you that. This is not a struggle we hold at a grudge against the ruler, or rulers, of this country. What we want is to see justice being served. That is all we ask for. We do not ask for a huge sum of money, nor build something. Please serve justice we want,” the Cardinal said.


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