Catastrophic if new Covid variant enters Sri Lanka: PHI Association

There is a risk of A30, the new Covid variant discovered in many countries of the world unresponsive to the vaccines, entering Sri Lanka and this could be catastrophic for a country like ours, warned Upul Rohana, President of the Public Health Inspectors Association.

No predications can be made that this new variant will not breach the island in the event that almost all the Covid variants discovered in the world were found in Sri Lanka, he noted, warning that the prevalence of such a variant could be very high given the current adherence to the health guidelines.

“In many parts of the world a new variant of Covid-19 has been reported. This is a variant that does not respond to the vaccines currently adopted. Therefore, even though our vaccination coverage is currently at a very high level, the country could be pushed to a very catastrophic place, had the new variant breached our country. We like to denote in particular that we can never expect that this variant will not enter the country. Almost every variant found in the world so far has been reported in our country within a very short period of time. Therefore, chances could be high that this variant enters soon. If it enters, the current adherence to the health guidelines is so poor that it can spread rapidly in the country. If it spreads, the people who got the vaccines and depend on them will be in a very difficult situation. Therefore, the best thing we can do is to follow the health instructions very strictly. There is a risk that variants of this kind may develop in the future. These patients, in particular, are reported to be among those who have been vaccinated. Therefore, there is a risk that the viruses developed in their bodies could be resistant to the vaccine,” Rohana pointed out.


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