Harin Fernando ready to step back from MP post for Ranjan Ramanayake to enter Parliament

SJB MP Harin Fernando speaking to media on the occasion of opening the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Head Office in Wattala today (01) said he is ready to step back from his parliamentary membership for former MP Ranjan Ramanayake, should President Gotabaya Rajapaksa choose to release him from prison.

Claiming himself to be someone who can fight on the road, MP Fernando added that Ramanayake, on the other hand, must be in Parliament.

“I realised one thing in life. You have to get used to giving up. I love Mr. John Amaratunga very much. But he took the seat on October 28, 1978, my birthday. Today, someone comes to Wattala after 42 years. If I was to stay for 40 years, no kid in Wattala will ever come. Therefore, I thought that the old system should be changed. Not much of a difference can be made if you are above 60. I will not be able to do anything. I have to produce three or four more kids from Wattala while I serve with what I can. The son of an innocent mom of this village should be able to go to Parliament. It should not be from just a class. Also, I am making another statement today that Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa can do it if he wants. I – if you choose to as I have a national list seat – am ready to step back from my national list seat if Ranjan Ramanayake can be released. I one time stepped back from my seat, but if a national list seat is relinquished, Mr. Sajith Premadasa or the Secretary General can appoint anyone to that seat. Nobody tells that Ranjan Ramanayake is not suitable for the MP post. Therefore, I know I can fight on the road, but Ranjan must be in Parliament, I would like to remind,” Fernando said.


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