JVP has Rs. 6 – 7 billion in their accounts: Johnston

The JVP and the LTTE are responsible for the devastation of the country and the idea formulated by the JVP that everything except the ‘sum of Rs. 6 – 7 billion in their bank accounts’ has been sold to foreign states by the government is false, said Highway Minister Johnston Fernando responding to reporters on his visit to observe the construction of the New Kelani Bridge. 

“The JVP has no right to anything of this land, even the very soil. What they own is the Rs. 6 – 7 billion they collected via the money boxes. They try to propagate the idea that only the money in their bank accounts belongs to Sri Lanka and everything else has been sold to foreign countries. They try to socialise the lie that the country’s resources are being sold. The JVP is responsible for the devastation it caused in 71 and 89. This country did not move forward due to the destruction caused by the LTTE and the JVP. We will win these challenges and move the country forward,” he said.


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