Betting around football ‘ruins people’s lives’, says Bolton Wanderers CEO Neil Hart | Football News

Bolton Wanderers CEO Neil Hart believes betting around football ‘ruins people’s lives’ as the club have taken the decision to cut ties with all betting organisations.

The League One club announced last month they will no longer provide on-site betting provision at the University of Bolton Stadium or enter into any new commercial partnerships and sponsorships with firms representing the gambling industry.

Instead, they will support charities which provide help for people with gambling addictions.

The EFL is sponsored by a betting company but Bolton’s chief executive Neil Hart said the club would not be participating in any promotion outside of their existing obligations.

Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports News as part of Safer Gambling Week, Hart added: “We’re not heavily reliant on betting sponsorship, the hit will be on the kiosks and the concourse and betting booths but we’ll find a creative way to use these differently.

“We don’t feel as if we needed a betting partner on our shirt or saturate our concourses with betting kiosks and all in all the decision has been received very positively by our supporters.

“We’re a firm believer in everything in moderation but clearly betting around football ruins people’s lives and Bolton Wanderers are putting out a very positive statement and a clear message as to where we stand.”

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