Ships carrying LP gas already docked at Colombo Port – Litro Gas

Ships carrying liquefied petroleum (LP) gas have already berthed in the Colombo Port, the Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. says.

The current temporary shortage of domestic LP gas is due to delays in the distribution process, the company pointed out, adding that it will take necessary measures to rectify the situation.

Senior Manager of Channel Development and Business Communication of Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. revealed this in a media release issued today (November 02).

“Due to the price increase in the landed costs since July, the supplier has requested the Company to increase the aggregate value of the current LC facility by 109% as per the terms of the Contract.”

The company said it is in correspondence with the state and private banks to obtain the necessary security to fulfill the supplier’s request which is underway.

“We have been releasing cylinders to the Channel, and the temporary shortage experienced in the market is due to the delay in distribution. This will regularize shortly.”

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