Yugadanavi investment a great opportunity to country: Authorities in power sector

Yugadanavi investment is a great opportunity for Sri Lanka and therefore, the short-term problems should be set aside and the long-term benefits should be looked at in order to collect the advantage of it, said the authorities in the power sector, speaking to the briefing held in the President’s Media Centre today (03).

Low-cost power plants should be established in the country to meet the power demand of the people, in the event that 95 per cent of the country’s power supply is completed, the authorities noted, adding that otherwise a surge in the electricity bills could be inevitable.

The generation of LNG power is a low cost and ecofriendly method, they claimed, pointing out that the transition at the Yugadanavi Power Plant, therefore, will benefit the people of the country as well a cost-effective project for the government.

Responding to a media query as to whether the trade union leaders were consulted regarding the matter, M.R. Ranatunga, General Manager of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said that no trade union has ever requested for a discussion.


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