Critical dialogue between President and Prime Minister

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is reportedly set to hold a critical discussion with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa involving the crisis emerged in the government.

In light of the recent events piercing through the once glorious canvass of the government’s image before the public due to the ongoing fertiliser crisis and the controversial Kerawalapitiya deal selling government shares of the Yugadanavi Power Plant against the approval of the parties within the government, the two siblings are to hold a critical meeting.

The recent events are without doubt unfavourable to the government as the minor parties within the government have begun to publicly criticise its conduct, where D.E.V Gunaseakra, Leader of the Communist Party, a government ally, raised severe allegations against the Ruling Party, while Vasudewa Nanayakkara speaking to a YouTube channel hit the first bullet up in sky claiming that he may no longer be able to stay in the government.

The Prime Minister has recently held a meeting with several minor party leaders of the government including Minister Wimal Weerawansa and promised to discuss the matter with the President.


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