Frenzy no road to victory – Opposition Leader reveals Program on ‘Beautiful and Prosperous’ country

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa speaking on the occasion of opening the Office of Tissamaharama Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Co-organiser T.V.K. Gamini today (07) emphasised that their program is to establish a beautiful and prosperous country that can be enjoyed by every citizen of it.

Pointing out that the country can be built only through a sensitive leadership that cares about the country and has a direct program of doing so, the Opposition Leader suggested that what the country needs today is a people-centred national agenda.

He emphasised that frenzy and cruelty cannot move a country forward even an inch, adding that Sri Lanka may move forward by safeguarding the lives of the people, developing human resources and building their lives.

Solutions cannot be sought out of hatred, anger or rage, Premadasa went on, adding that problems can be solved through humane and moral values such as democracy, listening and dialogue.

The Opposition Leader condemned the current government’s action saying that the whole country is aware of them by now.


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