Letter to President Rajapakse

Dear Mr. President,

In a few days you will complete two years as the President of Sri Lanka. You will be effectively left with little over 30 months to accomplish your dreams and also to decide whether you want to contest again. You will also be pushing 75+ then and your popular elder brother Mahinda will be pushing 80 . Therefore his singlehanded efforts we saw in the past election will unlikely to be a differentiator in 2024 election. Then there will be your younger brother Basil -the finance minister and your nephew Namal waiting in the wings to get an opportunity to contest. What you do from now on will either destroy what ever is left as an opportunity for them or you can change gears to create hope once again for the 6.8 million who supported you with so much hope for a better tomorrow. The majority has certainly given up on you, because of the many controversies, the mismanagement and corruption that has taken place in the last 2 years. Stop saying “we are the best” . Do a public survey you will know the hard truth. Thankfully for you Mr President, the main opposition lacks inspiration. Other than a few stars . Your repeated bunging has only helped the JVP to win the hearts of the youth. Many still believe that you started off very well , but the people round you totally messed you up. Unfortunately you don’t have the leadership mettle to weed them out of your administration.

If only you can stop relying on those who have miserably failed you, everybody knows who they are, listen to proper professional advice and take public feedback you can rescue your presidency. 

Let us hope you are not following in the steps of Donald Trump . That will be disastrous for you and the country. Ironically democracy and freedom finally finds a way to triumph over cynicism and autocracy. Because people are tired of cynicism, lies and false promises of leaders bent on unconditional power.

So Mr President – Opportunities are yours to create, find them and make them. 

Best wishes once again to you Mr President as you celebrate your second year anniversary this November. 

May the Triple Gem guide you.

Citizen Perera

Thank you

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