Local government election to be dragged in for another year

The Local Government Election set for 2022 will reportedly be postponed for another year as per the decision of the government heads. This has been informed to the heads of the local government bodies under the control of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) the Ruling Party.

Naula Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Sanath Dissanayake speaking to a monthly meeting revealed that the government will be postponing the Local Government Election by one year.

The public service by the Local Government bodies remained inactive for over a year amid the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore a service of maximum effort should be rendered to the people in the future, Dissanayake noted.

During the previous Good Governance Regime, elections could not be held for many years upon the term end for the Local Government bodies and the election was held in February 2018. The election was held after the electoral system was amended in the same year.


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