How does Chinese Fertiliser Ship threaten National Security? – Defence Secretary

The ship carrying substandard fertiliser imported from China poses no threat to the national security of the country, said Defence Secretary Retired General Kamal Gunaratna.

As the fertiliser has been declared unfit for use, the vessel would not enter the land and would leave in a few days, he noted.

“It is difficult for me to imagine how the arrival of the Chinese ship could pose a threat to national security. I am the government official in charge of national security. A ship carrying fertiliser came from China. It was reported that the stocks contained in the ship were not suitable for use. Therefore, the government did not allow the ship to unload the fertiliser, had them banned. Since it is forbidden to pass through they do not come ashore. It may leave in a matter of days. So, it will not threaten national security,” Gunaratna said.


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