6.9 million mandate given not to destroy country like this! (VIDEO)

Every government ever came to power since 1977 exploited the people in the country, said Assistant Secretary of the Professionals’ National Front Anura Gunaratna, speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (11).

What always happened was the people were being hostage and robbed by these governments, he noted, adding that what is being stolen is not the money of the President, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister Secretary or the Finance Secretary, but the money of the people.

“We urge the President to stop these wrongdoings. You may leave one day. The older people will be dead. But there are more people in this country. They have to live. Children in this country have no pair of slippers. A mother has poisoned herself for not being able to feed her children. People are being held hostage for money fraud. Do not use the innocence of the people for this. Please pay for that fertiliser ship and send it back. Former politicians have caused more losses to us than that. This ship cannot be entered into the country according to the Act either. Sending the ship back is not enough. Recover the money from the company that opened the LC. Take it from them without taking anything from the people. These people are beggars who rob people of their money for politicians. These monies do not belong to the President, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister’s Secretary or the Finance Secretary. Poor people pay for this without having their own meal. Please rectify this mistake. Make this land’s law right. That was why we appointed the President; not to title anyone with any rank. The 6.9 million mandate did not vote to destroy the country,” he said.

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