’The tall, fair handsome Prince Charming’

Lucky මාමේ! Hope you can hear me from above? You do hear me right?

Today, you broke my heart into pieces! If I ever knew that you would leave us like this, I swear, I would have never taken the memories I had with you for granted! You were the only person who was not so sweet to me when I was around 3/4 years! (The trouble maker ) when we met after ages when I was around 20, you were the sweetest . Warmest.

We shared a warm hug and just stared at each other for long.

You were the same! The tall, fair handsome Prince Charming! Your Trouble maker was not a kid anymore. 

You had tears of happiness seeing that! After that every time we met, we had a lot to talk about. If I knew you would leave me like this, trust me, I would have captured every moment! I am dying in guilt for not being there around your physical presence for your last rites. Sri Lanka lost a gem of an artist.

We, those who loved you unconditionally, lost gem of a person. Bring everyone in heaven a good laugh!

-රෑ තරුවී

Tharuvi Nanayakkarawasm

Thank you

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