Presidential Task Force entrusted with Country’s Agriculture has no experts (VIDEO)

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa attending the protest action organised by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) in Polgahawela today (13) stated that the Presidential Task Force appointed for Green Agriculture has fourteen members, but none of them are either experts or specialists in the field.

The Opposition Leader questioned why the money of the taxpayers of this country was allocated in billions of rupees for those who are not experts in the field, revealing that these monies are being allocated to implement the recommendations tabled by the aforesaid Task Force. Premadasa, accordingly, questioned whether a cult of fourteen members can make decisions about Agriculture of Sri Lanka.

The 2022 Budget does not consist of a vision on Agriculture at all, he reminded, pointing out that this Budget does not contain elements of development and that it will further be nourishing what he described as the ‘queue era’ thereby driving the country backwards.

Opposition Leader Premadasa noted that the government has tabled a Budget that has no solution to the existing problems of the country and that it will further be paving the way of its henchmen and allies to earn commissions. The 2022 Budget should have allocated funds for research and development activities for the betterment of Agriculture, he emphasised.

He went on saying that the government prefers myths over science and that by doing so the country has been pushed into a deep abyss.

The government, which had promised to compensate the farmers for the damage of their crops, has not allocated a single cent for the purpose either, Premadasa added, suggesting that it is, and always will be, deceiving the people.

Further commenting on the 2022 Budget, the Opposition Leader noted that it does not solve problems but harbours them, adding that it solves neither the problem of fertiliser, the problem of declined yields, nor the problem of food security in the country.


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