Provisions to solve salary anomaly not enough, issue circular now: Stalin

Joseph Stalin, Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union, speaking to the media on behalf of the Teacher-Principal Joint Trade Union Alliance today (13) stated that they are pleased with the Finance Minister’s move on allocating funds in the 2022 Budget to address the salary anomaly of school teachers and principals, but the provisions should be enacted via the issuance of the circular.

Accordingly, Stalin added that they will be stressing the education authorities to expedite the process.

Although the field of education was one of the key areas to be addressed in the Budget, it did not focus on areas other than the issue of teacher-principal salaries, the Union Secretary went on, adding that it should have paid focus on the children. The 2022 Budget, accordingly, has not provided any relief to the children, he added.

Meanwhile, a decision will be taken at tomorrow’s meeting with the union representatives on whether the trade union actions will be ceased now that the Finance Minister has resolved the salary issue faced by the teachers and principals.


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