Daily coronavirus count shoots up above 700 signaling bad days ahead

By Rathindra Kuruwita

COVID-19 cases were rising in the country, and it was a bad sign for the future, Clinical Technical Lead of the Home-based Care System and Consultant Family Physician, Dr. Malkanthi Galhena said yesterday.

Dr. Galhena said that over 700 new cases were being reported daily and that the people needed to follow good health practices.

“There are signs that the virus is spreading fast. Even when we opened up, the daily cases hovered around the 500 mark. We warned everyone that the pandemic is far from over.

However, in the past few weeks everyone has dropped their guard,” she said.

Dr. Galhena said that there were thousands of gatherings everyday across the country. Health guidelines like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing were not being practiced in most of those gatherings, she said.

“All event organisers have to be careful,” she said.

The Consultant Family Physician warned that some people could develop long Covid-19 symptoms after a month of recovering from the virus. Those with long covid would develop similar symptoms and needed to take care of themselves, she said.

Dr. Galhena said that 63.3% of the population had received both COVID shots. 111,319 booster shots too had been administered.

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