Oil Refinery closed as Subject Minister did not follow ‘proper procedure’ to import crude oil (VIDEO)

The Oil Refinery, at present, is closed, as the Subject Minister did not follow the prescribed procedure in importing crude oil, revealed Ananda Palitha, Convener of the United Trade Union Alliance, speaking to media today (16).

Contradictory to the standard procurement procedure in which tenders should be called from companies registered to import crude oil and be given considering the manner in which crude oil is supplied to Sri Lanka in the long run, Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila had directly awarded the tender to a Nigerian company, Palitha divulged.

Accordingly, the Union Convener accused the Subject Minister of awarding the crude oil tender to a Nigerian Company without making an open call for companies registered in Sri Lanka.

“Petrol and Diesel arrived. But this company was unable to import crude oil. This company failed to supply crude oil after June. As the company left the job, the Minister had to proceed with instant purchases. But our former good suppliers did not bid for this. 11 bids were made. Dear Minister, if there was no use of crude oil, if savings were being made to import cheap medicines, milk powder and sugar, why did you call for crude oil prices? But nothing came. Crude oil was not imported after October 05 despite a shortage of crude oil being non-existent in the world. This was why the Refinery ran at less than 50 per cent capacity,” Palitha said.


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