There is no fuel shortage in the country. The problem is that everyone is trying to get a ’full tank’

Udaya Gammanpila, Minister of Energy says that there is no shortage of fuel in the country unless people are unnecessarily frustrated and queue up at fuel stations.

There is no fuel shortage in the country. A gas station usually has enough oil for two days. When a person who usually comes to buy fuel for Rs.1000, asks for a full tank of fuel in one day, the stocks of fuel which is sufficient for 2 days will be sold out within a half of a day. And long queues are created to the fuel station until they refill. When everyone tries to buy a full tank of fuel, a shortage of fuel generates. But in a day or two, it will go away.”

Minister Udaya Gammanpila stated this while expressing his views to the media in Hanwella yesterday (17).

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