Kumara Welgama’s powerful speech gains a lot of attention in the political arena! (VIDEO)

Kumara Welgama, Member of Parliament for the Samagi Jana Balawegaya delivered one of the most powerful speeches in the recent history of Parliament yesterday (19).

Participating in the budget debate, he first pointed out that the budget did not provide relief to the various sectors representing the poor and rural people and that what needed to be done was to create opportunities for them to earn money. He also recalled the actions of leasing companies, banks, and other private companies during the covid epidemic, stressing that relief should be given to the people and not to the companies, adding that there was no point in talking further about the budget.

He then turned his attention to the political arena, criticizing the present government for its mistakes, pointing out the mistakes of the previous government as well as the mistakes of the previous 2010s, all of which should be rejected at once. He emphasized the need for a common agenda to move forward, especially after 73 years of independence, rather than talking about or criticizing those mistakes.

He also spoke in a non-partisan manner regarding MPs who have been subjected to injustice and pointed out that such incidents should not be allowed to happen again and that in a sarcastic manner her said that the thieves would not be caught in the end.

He criticized about the investigations on the Easter attack and the appointment of Ven. Gnanasara Thera as the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force. His long political experience has made it clear that he was very discreet as well as very simple in his use of language.

It is reported that a number of government and opposition politicians had spoken to Kumara Welgama after this speech and had thanked him. Sources say that several powerful monks who are crucial figures in the political arena have also spoken to him over the phone.

Sources said that Welgama’s speech had revived hopes that he had shattered hopes for a bold, straightforward, national leadership, despite personal gains and disadvantages.

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