Government decides to pay $ 6.7 million without accepting the Chinese fertilizer shipment

The government has decided to pay US $ 6.7 million for organic fertilizer imported from China. The Minister of Agriculture Mahindananda Aluthgamage has stated to a newspaper that he has decided to solve this problem by paying 75% of the value of the relevant fertilizer.

However, it has not been decided yet to accept this stock of fertilizer. The ship is currently anchored off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Sample testing confirmed that these organic fertilizers contain harmful bacteria in the soil and therefore the landing of the fertilizer has not yet been approved.

However, the company that owns the fertilizer consignment has refused to accept the results of the sample test conducted by the Sri Lankan government, saying that it should be re-tested by a third party. The government has not yet agreed to this.

The Minister of Agriculture has stated that there is no need to turn this fertilizer issue into a diplomatic issue. Therefore, the Minister states that steps will be taken to settle the issue by paying a portion of the money and that he hopes to submit a proposal to the Cabinet seeking approval for the payment.

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