Tissakuttiarachchi should apologise for insulting women: Hirunika

Ruling Party MP Tissakuttiarachchi should be publicly apologising for insulting and harrassing women in Parliament, emphasised former MP Hirunika Premachandra, speaking to a briefing held by Samagi Kantha Balawegaya today (21).

The former MP pointed out that Tissakuttiarachchi’s actions can never be taken lightly, adding that his comment reflects the way in which the entire pool of men from top to bottom in the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) sees and thinks of women.

Reminding that there were incidents in which public representatives of the SLPP were accused of assaulting women and young girls, Premachandra added some of the cases lodged against them are still being heard in Court.

Denoting that women, either consciously or unconsciously, are being subject to physical and mental harassment, the former MP added that this should be taken as an opportunity to teach all men who commit such assaults a lesson, urging that Tissakuttiarachchi should be driven into a state in which he is vulnerable enough to apologise to women. As Social Media can be a big influence in this regard, all women should join in hands in this mission, she added. 


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