Milk powder demand drops as price soars

Following weeks of a severe shortage of imported milk powder in Sri Lanka, people were seen queuing themselves just to purchase milk powder. Companies importing milk powder ceased their operations of releasing milk powder stocks to the market as their request to increase the milk powder price was not met for a long time.

The government on October 09 decided to increase the milk powder price surging the price of a kilo of milk powder by Rs. 250 and the price of a 400g of milk powder, Rs. 100.

Shop keepers reveal that the demand for milk powder has fallen sharply since the price surge. At present the prices of goods have skyrocketed unbearable to the customers, making them avoid the purchase of milk powder.

The demand for 01kg and 400g milk powder packets has severely been dropped, and the customers are eager to purchase only milk powder packets of lesser prices, such as 90g packets, they revealed.  


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